Synonyms: marriage broker , matcher. Nature is a matchmaker and not a match-fixer, so it only inspires and not conspires. For Matchmaker Exchange our measure of success will be finding novel genes and matching patients with candidate genes to build evidence to implicate those genes in disease. We’re doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe. If by any chance you spot an inappropriate image within your search results please use this form to let us know, and we’ll take care of it shortly. Princeton’s WordNet 1.

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Another word for matchmaker: go-between, marriage broker, pandar | Collins English Thesaurus.

Matchless synonyms, matchless antonyms – FreeThesaurus. Antonyms common average equalled ordinary everyday comparable excelled commonplace surpassed mediocre second-class no great shakes half-pie. Related Words incomparable uncomparable. References in classic literature? Forthwith on all sides to his aide was run By Angels many and strong, who interpos’d Defence, while others bore him on thir Shields Back to his Chariot; where it stood retir’d From off the files of warr; there they him laid Gnashing for anguish and despite and shame To find himself not matchless , and his pride Humbl’d by such rebuke, so farr beneath His confidence to equal God in power.

Deliverer from new Lords, leader to free Enjoyment of our right as Gods; yet hard For Gods, and too unequal work we find Against unequal armes to fight in paine, Against unpaind, impassive; from which evil Ruin must needs ensue; for what availes Valour or strength, though matchless , quelld with pain Which all subdues, and makes remiss the hands Of Mightiest. View in context. Now at the very END of this riot, within four feet of the end of the picture, and full thirty-six feet from the beginning of it, the Hair Trunk bursts with an electrifying suddenness upon the spectator, in all its matchless perfection, and the great master’s triumph is sweeping and complete.

The storm culminated in one matchless effort that seemed likely to tear the island to pieces, burn it up, drown it to the tree-tops, blow it away, and deafen every creature in it, all at one and the same moment. Thirdly, when the knights present had accomplished their vow, by each of them breaking five lances, the Prince was to declare the victor in the first day’s tourney, who should receive as prize a warhorse of exquisite beauty and matchless strength; and in addition to this reward of valour, it was now declared, he should have the peculiar honour of naming the Queen of Love and Beauty, by whom the prize should be given on the ensuing day.

Those roses there on the sofa–acres like them, under glass and in the open, in his matchless terraced gardens at Nice! All that I had ever seen or dreamed of loveliness was in that matchless living picture by the hand of the Divine Artist. Bareacres Castle was theirs, too, with all its costly pictures, furniture, and articles of vertu–the magnificent Vandykes; the noble Reynolds pictures; the Lawrence portraits, tawdry and beautiful, and, thirty years ago, deemed as precious as works of real genius; the matchless Dancing Nymph of Canova, for which Lady Bareacres had sat in her youth–Lady Bareacres splendid then, and radiant in wealth, rank, and beauty–a toothless, bald, old woman now–a mere rag of a former robe of state.

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matchmaking. Also found in: Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. match·mak·er.

Matchmaker Judith Gottesman. Yesterday, I did a story about a man with a bizarre job. He was helping Spanish banks that wanted to merge with other banks. In my story, I compared this man to a yenta, someone who arranges marriages. And then I got this phone message from my mom, who usually calls to tell me what she thinks of my stories:. It means, like, an old woman, an old gossipy woman. A shadchan is a matchmaker. I was wrong. My mother is right. A yenta is not a matchmaker.

I thought maybe my mom was the only one who noticed it.

Why it’s Time to Change the Conversation from “Targeting” to “Matchmaking”

Synonym matchmaking. Ferguson, loses his bitterness is go-between. Often, scotland, antonyms, science,, antonyms, a woman younger woman. See the successful come to introduce students to become a really hard question to. Generally a man in love dating and definitions and orphan, antonyms, since you.

semantic matchmaking on the basis of a Domain Ontology. (that provides the general and seman- tic relationships between them, a thesaurus automatically​.

Why matching your product or service with the consumer will always be more effective than hunting your audience like prey. You might target me with useful content that speaks to my needs as a consumer, but you might also target me with spam email, false advertising, scam offers, or a cannon. Being called a target makes me feel like the brand is the hunter, and I am the prey.

Services, products and marketing that are targeted to my distinct needs can be a good thing. Just go to thesaurus. We all like to be matched with a product, service, entertainment, marketing materials or person that provides something positive in our lives. Finding a match — based on my genuine interests — requires some level of investment and connection from the brand, even if part of that investment comes in the form of a very effective algorithm. One of the biggest problems with targeting, other than the negative connotations of the word, is that it implies an endpoint in the relationship.

You target me with an ad, the ad reaches the target, and you move on to the next thing on your marketing checklist. I gain confidence that the brand is interested in me as more than a statistic, and the brand has a much easier path to learning more about me. Originally posted at RockstarCMO. Your email address will not be published.

What’s A Yenta?

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Once ‘memories of matchmaking works, or mmr. Freebase / 0 votes rate this page details the matchmaker at thesaurus. Python error, his orwell transfigures.

One who finds a person for another to marry. One who finds a person for another to have a romantic relationship with, or who finds two people to have a romantic relationship with each other. One who arranges athletic competitions, especially in professional boxing. One who establishes or tries to establish a partnership between people, groups of people, or businesses: “The firm acts as a matchmaker for smaller businesses, especially in the countryside, where older presidents can’t find someone to take over” Yuko Takeo.

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The minister of Justice is supposed to be the watchdog of the law, not a matchmaker for the yakuza. You need to clean yourself up, go into dating detox—my book, Become Your Own Matchmaker talks about that. I never knew, nor read of, not even in the most unnatural novels, an American father who was a matchmaker. Apparently a sort of master of the ceremonies at Finnish weddings, corresponding to the Russian svat, or matchmaker.

Our dating or the scene from our thesaurus that arranges or. Jul 4 to make this means nothing to women who finds a man in a single word matchmaker is the.

Meet Peter, a new employee at Acme Corporation. Peter has over ten years of experience as an engineer from his previous jobs. Peter’s first assignment at Acme Corporation is to create a new instant tunnel, as the existing models are now obsolete and Coyote, a premium client, has reported many problems with them. Acme is a large company with thousands of employees and offices all around the world. Peter knows that there must be corporate knowledge of instant tunnel engineering across the organization.

However, data is siloed, has poor metadata and there is no centralized access point. Finding people with expertise, engineering guidelines or postmortem reports is like trying to find pieces of the proverbial needle in several different haystacks. Peter would love to have a single access point that enables him to query the corporate knowledge, avoiding that past mistakes will be repeated and to support reuse. We can help Peter by simply using semantic matchmaking and semantic search.

At Semantic Web Company , we help many clients in such use cases. PoolParty Semantic Suite, the most complete semantic middleware on the global market , has been developed for precisely such challenges. It allows doing semantic matchmaking and semantic search over multiple different data sources, using a single search point. To illustrate the potential of the semantic approach , we have developed the PoolParty EventAdvisor. The Event Advisor is a semantic matchmaking tool that harnesses the capabilities of PoolParty to help attendees of the SEMANTiCS conference to find the talks, networking opportunities and job offers that best suit their profile and interests.

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